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Following to the rules written below is the only requirement for playing in Dreaming. Failure to do so will result in penalties for the user who breaks them.
The rules are subjective and administrators can go beyond their limits when there is a prerequisite for this.

I. Users are prohibited from
  1. The discussion, supply and demand of any kind of psychotropic substances is strictly forbidden. Any user who violates this rule, no matter for what purpose, will be reported to the authorities.
  2. The use of hacks/mods/bugs other than those permitted below. If you have doubts about a specific situation, contact us for clarification.
  3. Advertising and anti-advertising on competing servers.
  4. Imitation of an account (s) belonging to an administrator is prohibited. You can find a list of administrators here.
  5. It is forbidden for a user to impersonate an administrator for any purpose.
  6. Theft of items/accounts for whatever reason. Anyone who helps to commit theft has the same responsibility as the thief himself.
  7. Treat other users with respect. The use of threats, vulgar language, cynicism, insults, hate speech, personal attacks and any other toxic behavior is not tolerated. Any user using CAPSLOCK (capitalization only) will be considered indecent behavior (shouting), which may be penalised at the discretion of the administrator.
  8. In softcore games, it is forbidden to attack opponents without their consent. This is tolerated only in games such as BM Duels (Bad Manners), Duel No RULES and so forth.
  9. It is absolutely forbidden for players to trade items/characters/accounts for real or virtual currency.
  10. It is forbidden to send automatic messages in the server's chat or via personal messages (whisp). The only exception to this rule is account *Dreaming.
  11. Bugs found must be reported to an administrator. Hiding and using them for own benefit is prohibited.
II. Users are allowed
  • Using D2 Loader.
  • Using Map hack.
  • Creating any accounts/characters, as long as their names don't contain offensive words/phrases. Accounts/characters violating this policy may be deleted without notice.
  • Realm 1.10 Classic
    1. Using God Mode, except when dueling.
    2. Using bots. All bots, except those designed for open games (Baal bots, for example), should only be used in closed games (with passwords).
    3. Using ATX, except when dueling.
    4. The "TPPK" method is allowed only when it doesn't involve modules, programs and any other tools that would make it easier for you.
  • Realm Oblivion
    1. Using Auto Teleport.
    2. Using HD resolutions.
III. Chat channel / Telegram group
  1. Try to say as much as possible with one message, instead of sending one sentence divided into several messages.
  2. Keeping the conversation within the bounds of good manners is a must for anyone who wants to participate in the chat.
  3. Toxic users will be removed, even if they have not directly violated any of the points described in this topic.
  4. Refrain from repeating the same message often.
  5. Trade messages are allowed, as long as they are not intrusive. Allow reasonable time between your offers. Consider using the server's /trade command.
  6. The only acceptable language in channel Dreaming (Dreaming EN in Telegram) will be English. No other languages will be tolerated. For our Bulgarian players we have separate channel - Dreaming-BGR (Dreaming BG in Telegram).
IV. Everything else
  1. All accounts and characters, as well as related information, are located on Dreaming's servers and are treated as their property. Dreaming can allow certain users to access some of these resources - such as creating new accounts and characters. Any malicious action or attempt to manipulate these resources is prohibited. Dreaming will take serious action against violators of this point, and in certain cases, may address the case to the authorities.
  2. Each user is individually responsible for the protection of the accounts and the characters he uses.
  3. When dueling with a bet or in a tournament, rules for conducting duels apply, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  4. An item on the ground is nobody's until someone takes it.
  5. If you want to trade an item that cannot be traded through the Trade window (eg Annihilus), or trade between different cores (Softcore/Hardcore), or different realms, seek assistance of a Dreaming team member - he will take the items from both sides and will hand them over when the deal is finalised. Otherwise, the trade will be carried out at your own risk.
  6. An account whose password you don't remember can be recovered through the PvPGN module integrated in the forum. To change the password of your in-game account, it must be registered by the same forum account from which you are trying to change it. If you don't have access to your forum account, send us an email to [email protected] and we will consider your case individually.
  7. A player's ban can only be removed by the administrator who banned him. Do not seek assistance from another team member.
  8. The game includes the risk of death of characters or loss of items in case of interruption of: server/internet/electricity, etc. Dreaming is not responsible and will not recover dead characters or lost items.
  9. How to mule your items without the risk of losing them?
    • Use private games (with password).
    • Use a password different the game name.
    • Use passwords that are difficult to guess.
    • Use Trade window.
    • Use D2 Loader whenever possible.
  10. A user's ban can only be discussed between the user and the server administration.
  11. Sharing accounts with other users is not prohibited, but it is not recommended either, as it puts the accounts themselves and all related characters and items at risk.
  12. An administrator will never ask you for your password. If anyone does, let us know at [email protected]
V. Rights and obligations of administrators
  1. The administrators are obliged to assist the users as much as possible in case of a problem with the server/site/forum or in case of problems between the users themselves.
  2. Administrators determine the measures against violators depending on the situation and the severity of the violation itself. Measures can range from a simple warning to the locking of all accounts, a ban on the entire ISP, and in extremely severe cases - to seek legal liability from violators.
  3. Administrators reserve the right to ban a user without providing evidence if they were present at the time the violation was committed.
  4. Administrators reserve the right to refuse user assistance if the cause of the problem is identified by the user.
  5. The administration reserves the right to take appropriate measures without caring whether the user is aware of the rules described in this topic or not. Not knowing the rules is no excuse.
  6. Administrators reserve the right to refuse assistance in setting up bots and / or additional programs. Users are allowed to use those described above, but should not expect the Dreaming team to take care of their setup.
  7. When banning a user, administrators can include all IP addresses and/or accounts associated with him, even if they include accounts used by other users.
The rules can be changed at any time if necessary.
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