Oblivion Mod: 2 new servers were added

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As most of you probably know until just a few months ago Dreaming worked for our Bulgarian players alone. A lot has changed over the past months to make our server more English-friendly. Today we're taking a step further in supporting our international players by launching 2 additional servers which will work along our main server in Sofia, Bulgaria. These two are located in respectively London, UK (West Europe) and Warsaw, Poland (Central Europe). They'll work for at least 30 days before we decide whether we should keep them or not. We'd also consider launching one more server in either the US or Canada but will wait to see if there's enough demand as it currently appears that we don't have many players from that part of the world.
When entering a game pay attention to the red message - it will tell you which server you're connected to. Please monitor their performance and keep us updated.
The topic will remain open - you're more than welcome to share your thoughts.