Join Dreaming - Full guide

Bulgarian/Български: app.php/kak-da-igraem-v-dreaming
Obviously, the first you'd need is an account. In order to create an in-game account you'll have to register in our forum first. Your forum account will then serve as main point to manage all your D2 accounts. That includes creating new accounts, recovering passwords, etc.

If you don't have a forum account you can create one from here.
Then you can create as many D2 accounts as you wish from here.

Now when you're already part of Dreaming's family the next step is to set up your D2 to the Dreaming server.
Our machines are located mainly in 2 data centres - Neterra & Telepoint, both located in Sofia, Bulgaria (Southeastern Europe). Both data centres have excellent domestic & international connections so the chances are quite good that you'll have lag-free experience. Our main server is "hidden" behind You can use IP instead of domain if you'd like but we wouldn't recommend that as using the domain name gives us the ability to make server-side changes if needed without asking you to update your configuration. Use the IP address only if necessary.

You can add our server via either .reg file or manually with Gateway Editor. You can download both from here.
Gateway's entries are as follow:
Name: Dreaming
Zone: 0
Once you're done with that select Dreaming (assuming you've entered name as mentioned above) and click on "Set to Chosen Gateway".

Our Realms:

1) 1.10 Classic
Standard version of the game, very similar to the original Blizzard patch.
We have implemented few minor changes mostly affecting bugs (like fire enchant's damage), security (preventing the use of msd) or other changes that strive to make your in-game experience smoother (like removing the Cow King or moving Cain in act 5 closer to the waypoint).
Changes regarding the items/runes drop rate were not made.

If you don't have v1.10 you can download a copy from our website. (we have removed some elements like sounds to reduce the size of the archive).
If you already have D2 but are using version other than 1.10 or have installed a modification then you can download D2 1.10 Pack to switch back to v1.10. Just extract the files and replace the existing ones.


2) Oblivion Mod
Custom modification of the game. It is based on patch 1.13c.
Full change log can be found at Oblivlion 3: Features List.
Some of the changes include increased experience rate, new zones are added with increased drop rate, new and changed items/runewords, etc.

If you don't have v1.13c you can download a copy from our website. (we have removed some elements like sounds to reduce the size of the archive).
If you do have it, but it has other mod installed try applying the files from D2 1.13 Pack.
Once you've got 1.13c installation you can get the latest version of Oblivion Mod and maphack from here.


If you're facing any issues you can reach out to us by writing in our forum, sending a PM to any of the admins or just email us at [email protected]