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Download the latest version of Oblivion Mod: app.php/downloadsystemdownload?id=20

16.09.2020 - v1.1.5 Download
  • Bug Fix: Rolling Gem Magnet after the 2500th perfect won't have any effect. It'll still consume your gems but won't change the charm.
  • Bug Fix: Rolling Magic/Rare/Set/Unique items with HW won't increase their defence anymore.
  • Bug Fix: Exp potions can't be stacked anymore.
  • Exp potions now give 300% experience gained for 3 minutes.
14.08.2020 - v.1.1.4

06.08.2020 - v1.1.3 (No download is required)
  • Tristram's monsters are nerfed.
  • Paladin's Redemption aura is changed: It now gives both health & mana instead of health only. It receives bonuses from Prayer & Meditation.
  • New cube recipe: Magic,Rare,Unique,Set socketed item + HW = removing the socket. Unlike Item+Hel with this recipe you'll keep what's socketed in the item.

04.08.2020 - v1.1.2
  • Added 2 new cube recipes:
    1. Jewel + Heaven's Will = New jewel.
    2. 3 x Jewels = New jewel.
  • Summoning units from Oblivion Levels is blocked.
  • Corpse Explosion is blocked in Oblivion Levels.
  • Tristram's monsters are stronger and their immunities vary.
  • Runes' loot rate in Tristram is increased by 10%.

01.08.2020 - v1.1.1
  • Added 2 new cube recipes:
    1. Charm + Heaven's Will = New charm of the same type.
    2. 3 x Charms = New charm of the same type
  • Thunderstroke (Unique Matriarchal Javelin): Replenishes Quantity [1 in 3 sec.]
  • More skills can be used on left side.
  • Res potions have visual effects.
  • New town portal look.
  • Slightly decreased the damage that Council's Hydra make.
You can play with v1.1.0 if you don't want to update, no errors are expected. Some of the changes above however won't be visible until you download the latest version.

18.07.2020 - v1.1.0
  • All rune bags below Gul (25) are removed from loot tables.
  • All rune bags now produce random amount of runes between 1-3.
  • Rune bags got new look.
  • Act 1 have new layout.
  • Tristram have new layout.
  • Loot rates are remade in the following areas: Homestead, Oblivion Level 1/2, Tristram. Malevolence Avatar's loot rate is remade from scratch.
  • MooMooFarm's loot rate is reverted back to vanilla.
  • Hell's Ward requires level 95.
  • Socket Oil is now Heaven's Will.
  • 4 new potions are added - fire, cold, light & poison. Use them to temporarily boost your resistance by 50% and max resistance by 5%. Duration: 90 sec.
  • All runes can be upgraded with Heaven's Will. E.g. 2 x Ist Rune + HW = Gul Rune.
  • All runes can be downgraded with Heaven's Will. The "fee" is removed. E.g. Gul rune + HW = 2 x Ist Rune.
  • Gidbin's Lair level is increased to 84.
  • Iin-game logo is changed.
  • Ormus is moved closer to the town portal's location in Act 3.
  • Homestead monsters' damage & resistance are lowered by 25%.
  • Oblivion Level 2: The population of the area is increased by 25%.
  • Nova & Hydra skills are changed as follow:
    • Nova
      • 2 new synergies: Thunder Storm (5%) & Charged Bolt (3%).
    • Hydra
      • The bonus this skill gets from Fire Ball & Fire Bolt is increased from 3% to 4%.
      • New synergy: Warmth (4%)
      • Skill's duration increased from 10 to 15 sec.
  • 5 new Rune words are added. Detailed description can be found here: en-oblivion/oblivion-features-list-t13273.html
  • 5 unique items are changed. Detailed description can be found here: en-oblivion/oblivion-features-list-t13273.html

  • Unholy Physician is back in Ruined Fane. It's been gone due to a bug after the last update. This is now fixed.
  • Oblivion's monsters were all 94 level as described but the levels themselves were lower - 81 & 85 which affected the chance of getting better items directly. They're now both 94.
  • The drop rate Gidbin's Lair has has been changed on normal & nightmare. Both difficulties had the same treasure classes assigned. Hell's rates however haven't been changed.
  • The MooMooFarm has 2652 cows now. This is 20% more than what it was before today's update.
  • The chance of getting Key of Envy has been increased. It now matches Key of Wrath - 1:125
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Oblivion Mod - v1.1.4 Changelog
  • Counter Charm is deprecated. It was poorly developed from the beginning. With v1.1.4 we introduce it's equivalent - Gem Magnet. (View on YouTube). You can keep your existing Counter Charms but won't be able to keep rolling them with Perfect Gems. You can, however, transform them into Gem Magnet. To do so just put your Counter Charm in the cube and press the Transmute button. Gem Magnet rolls the stats in a slightly different way but the completed charm has exactly the same attributes as the Counter Charm.
  • Unlike Counter Charm, Gem Magnet can be rolled with up to 10 Perfect Gems at a time.
  • Gem Bag: One bag where you can store all of your Perfect gems. You can add up to 10 Perfect gems at a time, as long as they're the same type. There's no limit of the number of gems you can keep in it. View on YouTube.
  • Rune Chest: Works just like the Gem Bag except that you can add only one rune at a time. You can store any rune in your chest. There's no limit of the number of runes you can keep in it. View on YouTube.
  • All Oblivion craft recipes now use Heaven's Will instead of Perfect Gem.
  • New PvP area is added. View on YouTube.
  • 2 New craft recipes:
    • Rare Weapon + Unique Jewel + Ohm Rune + Heaven's Will
      +35-60% Enhanced Damage (varies) (varies)
      3-8% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
      5% Chance To Cast Level 4 Frost Nova When Struck
      +15% Increased Attack Speed
    • Rare Amulet + Unique Jewel + Sur Rune + Heaven's Will
      +1 To All Skills
      10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
      Increase Maximum Mana -35%
      Level 2 Lower Resist (8 Charges)
  • All vanilla craft recipes use any kind of weapons/armors/gloves etc. instead of magic only.
  • All vanilla craft recipes keep the input item's level on output.
  • All vanilla cube socket recipes are disabled. Socketing with HW, however, works fine.
  • Hellfire Torch: Chance to cast Firestorm is replaced with a chance to cast Fire Ball.
  • Phoenix (RW): Chance to cast Firestorm is replaced with a chance to cast Fire Ball.
  • New NPC can be found in Act 1: Dreaming. You can buy from it Gem and Rune extractors (items which extract gems/runes from your Gem Bags/Rune Chests). To help low levellers this NPC can pay up to 35k gold for items just like it does on Hell.
  • Each of the 7 Oblivion keys can be cubed with Heaven's Will which will result in getting new Oblivion Key (randomly generated). Each key can be rolled only once.
  • Chance to find Oblivion Keys are increased by 20%.
  • The experience table is reverted back to vanilla-like. The only difference is the experience on Normal for 1-30 level which is increased by x10.
  • New Potion is added to help low levellers. It benefits you with 500% experience gained over 5 minutes. Can be used only by chars below level 70.
  • Monsters won't spawn behind the walls in Homestead & Oblivion Level 2 anymore.
  • Act 3's entry point was moved closer to Ormus and Deckard Cain.
  • 2 New runewords are added.
  • Tristram: Chances to find runes are increased by 15%. The chance of getting higher runes is increased by 20%.
Skills Changes. View on YouTube.
  • Redemption: Increases the life and mana of you and your party. Each skill points gives you 1% life (capped at 100%) and 0.5% mana (capped at 50%).
    • Synergy: Prayer - 0.75% life and 0.375% mana per skill point.
    • Synergy: Meditation - 0.50% life and 0.25% mana per skill point.
  • Fist of Heavens
    • Cooldown reduced by 40%.
  • Hydra
    • Skill's duration is increased from 10 to 15 seconds.
    • Cooldown reduced by 35%.
    • Synergy: Warmth - 4% Fire Damage per Level.
    • Synergy: Fire Bolt - 4% Fire Damage per Level.
    • Synergy: Fire Ball - 4% Fire Damage per Level.
  • Frozeb Orb
    • Cooldown reduced by 32%.
  • Meteor
    • Cooldown reduced by 50%.
    • Falling speed reduced by 70%.