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One big come back - Oblivion 3 will live his third life in Dreaming. The season will start SATURDAY 02.05.2020 at 10 am.
Why am I saying third life? Well, here is a bit of history...
The first version of Oblivion was modify by Ivaylo Georgiev (Infection) nearly 10 years ago.
The second version under the name of Oblivion:The Evolution came up back in 2013 this time with ''engine'' in the face of Hristo Kolev (Shadow).
We had a third version named Oblivion:Ultimate, which we were supposed to release a few years ago when again Shadow was leading the project, unfortunately we had quiet a few complications on the very end of the project and due to that we had to drop the release.
The reasons for that are not important, the important thing is that we didn't drop the idea of bringing back to life this project.
Well here it is ready to come back to life. It took longer than expected but the Oblivion will exists once again. Exactly how we promised.
There is a lot of history behind Oblivion.
I am extremely exited knowing whats coming this week. I Hope you guys are too.
I'm not going to go into details of the characteristics of the mod in here but ill just mention that is based on 1.13 version.
(Almost) Full features list can be viewed here - en-oblivion/oblivion-features-list-t13273.html
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