Отностно patch 1.13

Dreaming поддържа две различни версии на играта, всяка от които има собствен форум тук. 1.10 Classic & Oblivion Mod.
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Нека да не оспамваме темата "Какъв сървър предпочитате" и да продължим въпроса относно пач 1.13 тук.
Update - 9/30

The Diablo II 1.13 patch is on temporary hold while we investigate potential impact on the Battle.net service. As we moved closer to launching the patch concerns grew that an increase in the player stash size (a feature in the patch) could compromise the Diablo II Battle.net service. The hardware and configuration could potentially not handle the increased stash size gracefully under heavy load. Currently we’re investigating potential impact as it is one of the larger content features in the patch and we’re hoping it can remain a part of the release. If it does have to be removed it will require additional time to remove it, generate new patches, and test, which will add time before we can go live on the PTR.

We’re hoping to have our diagnostics and a final decision on how we’ll be moving forward decided by early next week and we’ll have an update for you at that time.

Лично аз ще бъда съгласен, когато излезе 1.13 да бъде сложен на мястото на сегашния 1.10, за да му се порадваме всички заедно
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Т.е. текста означава, че можеби догодина ще е пуснат.