Separate in-game English channel

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Dear all,

As most of you probably know, Dreaming has been online since 2008 and during all these years it has mainly served the Bulgarian Diablo II community. We've worked hard to adapt the website as well as the server itself to be multilingual. Our goal is simple - to gather people from all around the globe for one purpose - have fun together.
The most recent step we've taken in this direction, to make our English-speaking players feel welcome, is to split the in-game chat into 2 - Dreaming (English) & Dreaming-BGR (Bulgarian). I will take this opportunity to remind you all that each of these channels is directly linked to a Telegram/Discord groups and players from both sides can freely communicate with each other. That's a huge advantage as it allows even people on-the-go to have a chat from their smartphones with those in-game.
You're more than welcome to share your thoughts in this topic.

Thank you,
The Dreaming Team.