Dreaming server relocation

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In light of the recent events we decided to move our main server after 5 years of partnership with our current hosting provider. Due to the recent DDoS attacks some critical vulnerabilities have been exposed despite the fact that our servers were supposed to be protected against this type of attacks. It turned out that the attackers did not target Dreaming only but all major Bulgarian Diablo II servers. This however doesn't change the fact that one of our servers is unreachable 3rd day in a row. Fortunately we have enough resource to ensure that the standard we've set will be maintained.

We'll break the whole process into stages which will all happen in background within the next 45 days. We'll do our best to ensure this process goes as smooth as possible and ideally you wouldn't feel any service disturbance except one short server maintenance which will be announced in the due course. The only change you'd have to make is to update the IP address you use to connect to the server in case it's different than d2.dreaming-bg.com. The IP address will be changed at the end of the process which is expected to be in late August. No data will be lost.

Should you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected] , Discord https://discord.com/invite/a8DpuPx or in-game.