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Where speed and control are critical, radio frequency identification (RFID) is a hot technology solution. “Many returns come back to Best Buy minus their cartons. We add a new RFID tag at the point of return,” Jordan explains. “For us, the real value is having a system to track a product while it is under our control. If we can scan an item's license plate, that improves our accuracy.”
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“RFID will completely change the deal,”Archlord gold insists Dale Rogers, professor of supply chain management with the University of Nevada, Reno and chairman of the Reverse Logistics Executive Council. “Once there are RFID chips on everything, companies can know where the returned item was purchased, when and where it was manufactured, and the serial number.”
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“Third parties and software companies are boosting their investment in returns management systems as they deal with of warcraft gold Everyone is scrambling to figure out how to make RFID work. It gives more capability, but we need to know what we want to do,” adds Rogers (see “Keeping it simple” on p. 26 for a discussion of smart labels).
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The first challenge for many companies is knowing their actual return rate and whether or not it's acceptable.maple story mesos The Warehousing Education Research Council commissioned James Stock, professor of marketing and logistics with University of South Florida, to study the numbers.
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“People don't know what's coming back nor what recovery rate to expect.2moons dil In our study, companies doing really well are seeing 80% to 90% recovery rates. Average companies realize rates around 60%. For companies doing poorly, 40% is the norm,” says Stock.
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“In addition to knowing where it stands in their industry,replica sunglasses if a company can collect and analyze returns data — determine the root cause for a return — it may uncover quality or lot-related defects, variations, or design flaws,” notes Emily Rodriguez, vice president-program management with eBoomerang, a returns management software developer. “Companies that track and analyze those data can typically improve customer satisfaction and reduce future returns,” she dresses “They can create models to improve processes.”
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